I’m A Graduate Now What Bootcamps are a series of intimate, interactive sessions across cities and tertiary institutions where users meet-up, listen to the audiobook, watch the mini-documentaries, chat with trained moderators who also work with them to develop action plans for themselves.

  • Topics to be covered include:

    1. Understanding who you are
    2. Finding your purpose
    3. Discovering your strengths
    4. Dealing with low-self esteem
    5. Understanding the labour market
    6. Mapping your career
    7. Managing salary negotiations
    8. Business communication 101
    9. Surviving office politics
    10. Dealing with societal pressure
    11. Work or a masters degree
    12. Becoming an entrepreneur etc.
  • Who Should Attend?

    1. Undergraduates, fresh graduates (Post-secondary, tertiary), job seekers and early stage talent in need of clarity/ direction/life skills/career planning services.
    2. Young people within the target user group who feel ill-equipped for life after school or who have become frustrated with searching for employment.
  • What Are We Trying To Achieve?

    1. To provide a practical, easy-to-use tool that prepares young people for life after school
    2. To create economic opportunities for youths by tackling unemployment
    3. To work with participants to develop individual action plans for career development and for finding and exploiting economic opportunities within and outside their immediate environment.
  • At the end of the 2-week engagement, participants will

    1. Have a clear awareness of self
    2. Have an understanding of the requirements and expectations of today’s marketplace.
    3. Have a clear, self-developed roadmap on how to pursue and secure career opportunities within and outside their immediate environment.
    4. Understand how to remain competitive in a globalized marketplace.

Attendance is FREE but registration is required.